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RUSSIA 2015 Photos
  • University Hallway University Hallway
  • Journalism and PR Majors Journalism and PR Majors Students listen intently to the American professors talk about journalism practices in the States.
  • The group selfie WS The group selfie WS
  • The group selfie The group selfie After our talk, students asked me if they could take a pic with me. We both had a great time trying to get it right.
  • Getting acquainted Getting acquainted Discussing layout design with one of the editors.
  • Financial News Financial News Talking with the editor of the newspaper dedicated to financial news.
  • Meeting with Students Meeting with Students I share how the journalism program is structured in the States to a group of journalism and PR majors at St. Petersburg State University.
  • Candid at the Palace Candid at the Palace This young photographer took a picture of me with his ipad and he allowed me to take his picture as well.
  • Exterior of the Summer Palace Exterior of the Summer Palace
  • Beautiful Statue Beautiful Statue These statues adorned the grounds of the many palaces in the city.
  • The Summer Palace of Catherine The Summer Palace of Catherine One of the buldings on the grounds of the summer palace in the town of Puskin.
  • Candid shot Candid shot
  • St. Petersburg in the evening St. Petersburg in the evening The artwork and sculpture can be seen everywhere. This is located towards the center of the city.
  • Night scene2 Night scene2 An old church now an educational institution at night.
  • US Journalism Professors US Journalism Professors Left to right: Dr. Kangming Ma, Hampton University; Lester Sloan, Savannah State University; Van Dora Williams, Hampton University; Jeff South, Virginia Commonwealth University; Dr. Deb Aikat, UNC at Chapel Hill.
  • The Dining Hall The Dining Hall Thie building in the foreground was used for private dinners. It was astounding.
  • Candid Selfie Candid Selfie
  • Palace Scene Palace Scene Part of Peter the Great's home.
  • Candid with Jeff Candid with Jeff VCU professor Jeff South and I pose in front of a camel statue. We couldn't resist.
  • The Hermitage (Exterior) The Hermitage (Exterior) One of many Winter palace buildings turned into the Hermitage.
  • The Hermitage (Interior) The Hermitage (Interior) The walkways to different parts of the museum looked like this. It was spectacular.
  • The famous bird clock The famous bird clock This was a gift to the czar. The bird is a clock and unfortunately I wasn't able to see it spread its wings and chime. It is only allowed to do that on certain days.
  • Victory Memorial Parade Victory Memorial Parade Thousands of skaters and bikers celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII with this parade.
  • St. Isaac's Dome St. Isaac's Dome A dove representing the holy spirit is carved into the tip of the dome.
  • St. Isaac's Church Interior St. Isaac's Church Interior The massive domed ceilings and walls were adorned with biblical paintings. Many of the colums were decorated with gilded gold.
  • Russian Art Russian Art In the Russian Museum, massive biblical paintings adorned the walls.
  • Church of the Savior on Blood Church of the Savior on Blood This church was built on the spot where one of the czars was assassinated.
  • Pushkin Memorial Pushkin Memorial Alexander Pushkin is noted for his literary success. The country honors his contributions to putting Russian literature on the world's stage. There are many memorials dedicated to his life and work in the city.
  • A typical St. Petersburg street A typical St. Petersburg street The city is filled with electric cables that drive the public transportation.
  • Hampton Roads and Birth of a Nation Hampton Roads and Birth of a Nation Twenty minute presentation on the impact of Birth of a Nation on the Hampton Roads region.
Oxford 2014 Photos
Graduate and undergraduate students from Regent University, Evangel College and Valley Forge traveled to Oxford in June to study C.S. Lewis and Communication. As one of two teaching assistants for the class, I presented my research on the role of place and biography in C.S. Lewis' writings. Below are photos from that trip.
  • High Tea High Tea On the first day, we all went to the High Table restaurant for High Tea. This is a tradition at Oxford University. Students have tea and scones with their professors. Usually the professors are seated a table situated higher than the students. But on this day, High Tea was used for introductions and orientation for the busy week ahead.
  • City of Oxford City of Oxford From St. Mary's Church Tower, we were able to get a bird's eye view of the city. It takes your breath away when viewing the ancient yet beautiful city.
  • Christ Church Christ Church During a rainy day, the clouds parted and the sun lit up the stones of Christ Church College.
  • Morning Rest on the Lawn of Merton College Morning Rest on the Lawn of Merton College During the tour of Merton College (JRR Tolkien taught there), we couldn't resist the lush lawn. So one by one, we decided to take a rest. It was very comfortable and plush.
  • The Trout Inn The Trout Inn We all walked 3-4 miles to The Trout Inn. C.S. Lewis would walk here and spend a few days discussing literature, philosophy and politics with his friends that included JRR Tolkien. The walk was brutal. Everyone's feet were hurting but the food was absolutely delicious.
  • The Cloisters Walkway of Magdalen College The Cloisters Walkway of Magdalen College We toured Magdalen College where C.S. Lewis taught for many years. The college was founded in 1458. The doors lead to student housing and classrooms. But on this day, the walkway gave us much needed shade from the unusually warm day in Oxford.
  • The Quadrangle Lawn The Quadrangle Lawn In the center of the Quadrangle, we saw the beautifully manicured lawn surrounded by these beautiful flowers.
  • Beauty of the Lawn Beauty of the Lawn The beautiful shrubs and lawn are a perfect complement to the 15th century stone buildings.
  • The Hall The Hall We climbed a staircase of stone and opened the massive wooden doors to see this room. Here students have their meals. The High Table at the far end is where the President, Fellows and formal guests were seated. The Hall was built in the 15th century.
  • Addison's Walk 3 Addison's Walk 3 Another view of the path. I encountered many trees limbs like this offered shade, peace and a nice beauty shot.
  • Candid Shot Candid Shot I couldn't resist getting a picture under the shade of those trees at Addison's Walk.
  • Addison's Gate Lecture Addison's Gate Lecture A lecture on myth and imagination in C.S. Lewis writings was delivered at Addison's Gate. Dr. Ben Fraser shared the importance of narrative, place and myth in great literature. We were all offered some Turkish Delight as Dr. Fraser talked about The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
  • Bodleian Library Bodleian Library One of the oldest libraries in Europe. While waiting for our tour guide at the Bodleian Library, we took a candid shot. Pictured left to right, Van Dora Williams, Alycia LaFavor, Chip Stanek.
  • Radcliffe Camera Radcliffe Camera One of the iconic buildings in Oxford. It is part of the Bodleian Library complex. It was built in 1749.
  • The Kilns The Kilns This is the garden area of the Kilns, C.S Lewis' home. Our tour began here and then we were taken through the house and learned more of C.S. Lewis' life and his brother, Warnie, also a great military historian.
  • Lecture at the Kilns Lecture at the Kilns We spent a few hours discussing Lewis' fiction work in the Great Room. The house is now a place for researchers to live and study Lewis and other great English writers.
  • Reading at Holywell Reading at Holywell The cemetary is not well-kept. Grass is overgrown and many stones have fallen over. But still the visit to the cemetary marked a special moment for us all.
  • Reading at Holywell Reading at Holywell Dr. Brown read a passage from one the Inklings who is buried here.
  • Views from the Tower Views from the Tower Climbing steep stone stairs at St. Mary's Church, we were treated to views like this. They were breathtaking. This view overlooks Merton College.
  • Views from the Tower Views from the Tower As we walked along the very narrow tower, more views of the city of Oxford were revealed. I can see why Lewis and Tolkien used the city as inspiration for their writings.
  • Views from the Tower Views from the Tower One of my favorite views of the city.
  • Views from the Tower Views from the Tower Drs. Brown and Fraser point towards Headington, a suburb of Oxford and C.S. Lewis' home.
  • Views from the Tower Views from the Tower A snapshot of a few of my classmates and professors.
  • Views from the Tower Views from the Tower
  • The Spires of Oxford The Spires of Oxford As you walk in the city, you will see many of the ancient buildings with these architectural decorations.
  • War Memorial Garden War Memorial Garden This garden is located on the grounds of Christ Church College.
  • Twilight in Oxford Twilight in Oxford The clouds rolled through Oxford Saturday evening. Although ominous and pregnant with rain, it was still beautiful!!
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