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Below are selected works from my students

  • Birth of a New Nation Birth of a New Nation A group project produced by the documentary film class.
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This story was produced by Everleigh McNeil, Nakysha Haywood and Balah Boakai for the Voice of the Voter initiative sponsored by PBS' Washington Week. The students explored the issue of college loan debt from the students' and parents' perspective.

The Masculinity Project

In 2008, broadcast journalism students produced three audio narratives about black masculinity as it relates to education, fatherhood and prison.

According to a 2006 report by the US Census Bureau there are 2.5 million single fathers in America, in 1970 there were 400, 000. This short audio piece from Hampton University follows the life of a black male student juggling the books and a young son. What myths can Terrence’s story dispel about traditional black masculinity? We are also introduced to a professor who is also a single father raising two young girls. What special challenges do black men face raising young girls into young women?

Here the students and journalism faculty at Hampton University explore the prison system and its ties to race and class in America; the end result of an unbalanced system which disproportionately influences the lives of young black men in America. Is the road to prison more often treaded by black male soles? And what role does education play in evading the prison trap?


As part of a comprehensive audio series for the Masculinity Project the students and journalism faculty at Hampton University put together a brief expositional narrative here on the state of the American education system and its intersection with race and class. What is the fourth grade failure syndrome? Who does it affect? And what can be done to counteract it?

Click on the image below to view articles and a short "Behind the Scenes" video from the Hampton University students who produced the audio narratives.