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This site showcases my professional and academic work and activities.  You will find more information about my career as a journalist and as a professor in the About Me page.  Please be sure to browse through the Student Work section.  Some of my students have produced some great work I’d like to share with you.


In May 2015, I was selected along with four other journalism professors to be part of the US-Russia Journalism Teacher Exchange Program sponsored by the State Department. The intense program lasted two weeks and required visits to Russian media organizations and multiple talks with Russian journalism professors and students. The program also called for a cultural immersion experience. Visits to historic sites like the Hermitage and the Summer and Winter Palaces were planned.

In September 2015, the Birth of an Answer event was an extremely successful community event. The day-long activities commemorated the 100th anniversary of the release of Birth of a Nation and its impact in the Hampton Roads area. The activities included a symposium, a student film showcase and an evening panel with noted filmmakers Tim Reid and Melvin Van Peebles.

In June 2015, I presented at the University College London international conference, "In the Shadow of the Birth of a Nation: A Centennial Assessment of Griffith’s Film". The presentation explored the impact of the iconic and controversial film in the Hampton Roads region.


A faculty member from each school was honored for their teaching and interaction with students. I was chosen from the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. All of us were honored at the January 2013 university-wide facutly meeting.

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